3 million Democrat voters would have more impact in smaller states. (Maps from New York Times election coverage 2020)

A modest proposal to migrate Democrats to seats they can flip

(Angel and Satan icons by Gan Khoon Lay / Noun Project)

After addressing harm, make room for love

Re-working a critique of Sanders “Scorched-Earth Politics”

We look at the same images and understand the same facts only to draw competing conclusions about their significance.

Meaningful change requires us to honor multiple truths

A Covington Catholic High School student faces an Omaha elder on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

How much difference does a MAGA hat make?

The key to defeating Donald Trump in 2020 may be more about protest than policy. (Photo credits: Tom Pennington & Ethan Miller/Getty Images, AP Photo)

Allan Lichtman’s model suggests what is important in 2020

Returning to the nest after someone leaves

For me, the impact of the current #MeToo movement is summed up through this tweet by Kate Harding.

What Men Can Do About #MeToo

Five stressors that challenge progress in social justice

  • I’m part of a racial demographic that constitutes 78 percent of the U.S. population. Since diversity in this country is not distributed equally, my experience living in Indiana pushes that up to almost 86 percent.
  • As a cisgendered straight male, my slice of the demographic pie includes a 3:1 dominance in societal power, as indicated by representation in government and…

A successful Bechdel Test in No One Killed Jessica (source)

Reflecting on my Bechdel Test protest of Hollywood films

Kevin Makice

Community experience designer / geek dad / recovering Informatics doctoral student / whiteboard artist / author / feminist

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